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The 4 Basic Components of a Swimming Pool Design

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

This mini guide walks you through the 4 terms you need to know to customize your backyard swimming pool design.

Aerial oasis shaped backyard swimming pool design

Are you remodeling your swimming pool, or maybe you're preparing for a new pool? We often witness homeowners struggle to express what style they would like. We don't blame you-- it can be a struggle to remember what material will go where! This quick guide will introduce you to the 4 basic components of a pool design, with picture examples. After reading this article, you'll be able to customize your pool with ease.

In this example, we are showcasing a classic blue pool design that is a bright contrast to the Scottsdale desert landscape views seen from the backyard. These tiles are very popular, but that doesn't mean you have to choose something similar. Take a look through our gallery to view other completed pools to get design inspiration.

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#1: Waterline Tile

Desert landscape backyard pool design with National Pool Tile blue waterline tile
National Pool Tile Oceans Cobalt Blue 6in x 6in

The waterline tile is the 6 inch band that runs the perimeter of the pool. The water level of your pool will hit the halfway point of the tile; 3 inches above water and 3 in below water. Because the tile is visible from outside of the pool, it is a great idea to base the rest of your material selection off of this tile.

The most common size chosen by our clients is the 6x6 inch tile. However, we have tiles varying in size in our showroom, including 3x3, 2x2, and 1x2. To view different tile designs, visit our gallery.

#2: Pool Coping and Pool Deck

Pool coping and pool deck in sabbia travertine from Monterrey Tile Company
Monterrey Tile Company Sabbia Travertine

The coping of the pool is the cap that separates the pool shell from the pool deck. The pool deck is the area surrounding your pool. For families in Arizona, travertine is the most popular material to use for both safety and style. The stone stays cool in the sun and does not get slippery when wet. As a bonus, it is beautiful, comes in various shade ranges, and compliments both modern and classic landscape designs.

#3: Interior Finish

National Pool Tile NPT Stonescapes Mini Pebbles Aqua Blue Mini, backyard swimming pool interior finish with travertine pool deck. Desert landscape and pool design
StoneScapes Mini Pebbles: Aqua Blue Mini

When choosing interior finish you are deciding what the actual interior surface of the pool will be. The interior finish also determines the color of the water in your swimming pool. Depending on your choice, swimming pool water could be various shades of blue, green, and grey.

For new builds and remodels, we recommend using pebble over plaster. Plaster does not last as long as pebble, especially since plaster is prone to discoloration over time.

#4: Step Trim Tile

National Pool Tile Essence Royal Blue 1in x 2in

If your pool design has a baja step, shelf, or tanning ledge, you may choose to outline the edges with a step trim tile. You can think of this tile selection as a compliment to the waterline tile. Don’t neglect this choice, though! It adds extra color and dimension to tie together the pool design– plus it looks awesome from inside the pool!

The most common tile sizes used are 1x1 and 1x2.

Next Step: Schedule your Design Consultation

Now that you know the 4 components of a basic pool design, you can attend your design consultation with confidence. Whether you're working with GardenPlus for a remodel or new build, we encourage you to customize your pool through the material selection phase so you can fall in love with the end result. We can't wait to see you in our showroom and answer any questions you may have. Fill out our form or give us a call to get started.

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Jad Adams
Jad Adams
03 de out. de 2023

My pool renovation has set a new standard for backyard luxury. It's a true testament to the skills and creativity of the renovation company. I'm thoroughly impressed.

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